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The Alpine Theatre

A Platform for Performance Art

The historic Alpine Theatre in Ripley, West Virginia opened December 25, 1936.


Admission was 25¢ per adult and 15¢ per child. Candy was 5¢; popcorn and soda were 10¢. Used as a movie theatre and for live shows, the Alpine is a two-story, flat roof, commercial building with a stepped parapet wall in the front. It has a red brick facade and a marquee with lights. There is a central ticket booth flanked by the original paired doors. The original “coming attraction” poster frames are intact and are situated on the pilasters flanking the double doors.


The Alpine Theatre building is in “as built” condition and vividly illustrates what downtown meant to many residents of Ripley and folks who traveled from surrounding areas for events at the Alpine. Following its recent rehabilitation, it is now used for concerts, movies, music, plays, and workshops.

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